A Hope For Home -《The Everlasting Man》[MP3]

A Hope For Home -《The Everlasting Man》[MP3]
  • 片  名  A Hope For Home -《The Everlasting Man》[MP3]
  • 简  介  音乐风格: 摇滚发行时间: 2009年01月20日地区: 波兰语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍简介: 专辑厂牌:StrikeFirst Records
    专辑风格:Post Hardcore/Progressive
    压缩码率:VBR V2
    A Hope For Home一只由6人组成的来自波兰的Hardcore的摇滚乐队,成立于06年。乐队成立的初衷是对情绪的一种发泄,而后乐队则逐渐走向商业化。
    《The Everlasting Man》是乐队自专辑《here, the end》后的第二张专辑,相比起第一张专辑,乐队将hardcore的 吵闹、快速 变得复杂化和充满动态感。低声地吟唱和激情的喊叫平衡了旋律上的不和谐。
    Nathan Winchell: vocals
    Matt Ellis: guitar/vocals
    Tanner Morita: guitar
    Eric Gerrard: keys
    Daniel Mccall: bass
    Ian Vidodic: drums

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楼主听不听between the buried and me
between the buried and me 不错~刚刚拖下来这张驴子就出现了···

There is an old saying that claims time brings change. No one would know this better than Portland's A Hope For Home, who have seen drastic change and growth since their inception in early 2006. What began as an emotional outlet for a group of friends during a season of loss has blossomed into a dedicated project that finds them on the road supporting their newest album, 2009's "The Everlasting Man." A concept based off of G.K. Chesterton's novel of the same name, "The Everlasting Man" tells the story of mankind's fall and awaiting redemption.
It is their second album following 2007's "Here, The End," both of which were produced and mixed by bassist Dan McCall at his studio in Camas, WA. The 11 tracks from "Everlastiing" weave through warm organic textures like those on "The Covenant," then meet up with electronic beats and synthesizers on "Absolution:Of Flight and Failure," only to end up at their heaviest and darkest material yet, heard in "Babylon:The Insatiable Thirst" and "Iniquity:An Offering.

At the end of the day, A Hope For Home strives to bridge the gap between a professional production and the individual by connecting through passionate live music. Their growth and change is evident at every performance and serves as a reminder that underground music can still be inspirational.
between the buried and me这么有名的当然听的啦,感觉风格比这张专辑还要猛点