《PBS NOVA 平行世界,平行生命》(PBS NOVA Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives)[HDTV]

《PBS NOVA 平行世界,平行生命》(PBS NOVA Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives)[HDTV]
  • 片  名  《PBS NOVA 平行世界,平行生命》(PBS NOVA Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives)[HDTV]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2008年10月21日地区: 美国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  综艺
  • 小  类  纪录片

  • 详细介绍简介: 【类型】:传记/科学/记录
    马克奥利弗埃弗里特,是美国邪教乐队the EELS的主唱。他的大部分粉丝不知道的是,马克的父亲休埃弗雷特三世,是美国最大的量子物理学家。 1957年,休埃弗雷特想出了一个革命性理论预测存在着平行宇宙。这个想法迅速渗入大众文化,但直到最近它才被主流物理学家所接受。本片跟随马克的超凡魅力,和他前往美国各地,了解他就从来不知道的父亲。只有进入世界矛盾量子力学的马克才能明白为什么他有这样一个陌生的,但是是他自己的父亲。
    引用For most of Mark Oliver Everett's life, things didn't add up. Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives follows Mark, better known as E, the lead singer of the rock band EELS, across the country as he attempts to understand the fantastic possibility of parallel universes and unravel the story of his troubled family and the father he never really knew—iconoclastic quantum physicist Hugh Everett III.
    Scientific American described Hugh Everett as one of the most important scientists of the 20th century. In 1957, he proposed the controversial Many Worlds Theory, a startling interpretation of quantum mechanics. The theory makes the astounding prediction that parallel universes are constantly splitting off from our everyday reality. For many years, Hugh Everett's mind-boggling theory was overlooked. Today, the concept of parallel universes is not only explored by many top physicists, but it also inspired many films, television series, and books, including The Golden Compass, Star Trek, and The Subtle Knife. (See Science Fiction and Fact for more on this parallel evolution of ideas.)
    In this intelligent and imaginative film, the wry and charismatic Mark takes an emotional journey into his father's life, meeting Hugh's old college friends, colleagues, and admirers, including MIT physicist Max Tegmark, a vocal proponent of Hugh's ideas. It is only by entering the esoteric world of quantum physics that Mark can hope to gain an understanding of, and more importantly, a connection to the father who was a stranger to him.
    Hugh Everett published his theory of parallel universes over 50 years ago as a Ph.D. student at Princeton University. (See an expanded version of Hugh's dissertation as well as two related original documents he wrote.) But it remained largely ignored by the scientific community for 20 years. Hugh's hypothesis countered the Copenhagen Interpretation, the most widely accepted view of the many puzzles of quantum physics, developed by Nobel laureate Niels Bohr. At that time, many considered the ambitious 24-year-old extremely naive and arrogant to challenge Bohr, who rivaled Albert Einstein as one of the giants of the physics world. (Learn more about the theory in an interview with Hugh's biographer, Peter Byrne.)
    Through interviews and archival materials, the film conveys how Bohr's disregard of Everett's work devastated the young scientist. Dejected and depressed, he left quantum physics behind and became a defense analyst, conducting classified research for the Pentagon. Later he joined the corporate world, applying mathematical modelling in industry. The chain-smoking, hard-drinking Hugh Everett died of a heart attack in his Virginia home, long before Mark could appreciate his father's professional triumphs and frustrations.
    My father never, ever said anything to me about his theories, Mark says. I was in the same house with him for at least 18 years, but he was a total stranger to me. He was in his own parallel universe. He was a physical presence, like the furniture, sitting there jotting down crazy notations at the dining room table night after night. I think he was deeply disappointed that he knew he was a genius but the rest of the world didn't know it.
    Mark Evere
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