《nx_v4013_update》(nx_v4013_update)NX VERSION

《nx_v4013_update》(nx_v4013_update)NX VERSION
  • 片  名  《nx_v4013_update》(nx_v4013_update)NX VERSION
  • 简  介  制作发行: UGS
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  • 详细介绍中文名: nx_v4013_update英文名: nx_v4013_update版本: NX VERSION制作发行: UGS地区: 大陆简介:
    NX VERSION Windows 2000/XP (32 Bit) Issued: April 2006 Files on this media are for use on the 32 Bit Windows Intel platform. This software may also be used on 64 Bit Windows platforms running 32 bit applications. _______________________________________________________________________ UPDATE INSTRUCTIONS: This media contains Maintenance Release files provided as replacements for previously installed NX 4 products. The Base release for this maintenance release is a prerequisite to installing this update. e.g. Version XX.Y must be installed before updating to Version XX.Y.Z To use this update, change directory to the ugs_update directory, then execute the ugs_update.bat script. e.g. cd ugs_updateXXXX ugs_update.bat /v The script supports a /v switch to turn on verbose messages while doing the file updates. The default operaton of the script is non-verbose. The script also supports a /d switch. This will turn off the script confirmation prompts. Useful for running the update in a batch job. Note: Before running the ugs_update script, please make sure that the environment variable %UGII_BASE_DIR% is set to the base directory of the NX 4 release. e.g: set UGII_BASE_DIR= C: Program Files UGS NX 4.0 Or set the variable to the appropriate installed folder on your system. _______________________________________________________________________ WINDOWS 64: The software on this media was originally intended for 32 bit platforms but it may also be used on 64 bit hardware running 32 bit applications. _______________________________________________________________________ RELEASE LETTER: The Release Letter specific to this release is included in the REL_INFO kit of this update. It will be installed automatically by the update script. A copy of the Release Letter is also provided in the docs folder. This is viewable with standard Web Browsers such as Internet Explorer. Begin browsing with the following initial file: docs/release_notes/index.htm
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