• 片  名  《SCOTT FORESMAN 系列分级读物(含音频)》(SCOTT FORESMAN DK)[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2009年对白语言: 英语文字语言: 英文
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  • 详细介绍中文名: SCOTT FORESMAN 系列分级读物(含音频)英文名: SCOTT FORESMAN DK资源格式: 压缩包发行时间: 2009年地区: 美国对白语言: 英语文字语言: 英文简介:
    此资源出自儿童教育论坛,原贴地址:http://bbs.etjy.com/viewthread.php?tid=148084 extra=page%3D1 page=1,http://bbs.etjy.com/viewthread.php?tid=176391 highlight=scott,感谢suwu8、steph9029版主,是他(她)们的辛勤劳动,我们才能分享到这么好的英语读物。
    以前发的G2 Science TE(Teacher's Edition).rar忘了去掉密码,密码是:englishtips.org,有下载完的用这个秘密解压。现在放的新的文件没有密码。
    SCOTT FORESMAN Reading Street – Leveled Readers
    Publisher: Scott Foresman
    The Reading Street Leveled Readersare engaging texts that help children practice critical reading skillsand strategies. They also provide opportunities to build vocabulary,understand concepts, and develop reading fluency. The leveled readerswere developed to be age-appropriate and appealing to children at eachgrade level. The leveled readers consist of engaging texts in a varietyof genres, including fantasy, folk tales, realistic fiction, historicalfiction, and narrative and expository nonfiction. To better addressreal-life reading skills that children will encounter in testingsituations and beyond, a higher percentage of nonfiction texts isprovided at each grade.

    SCOTT FORESMAN Decodable Readers
    Publisher: Scott Foresman
    The Decodable Readersprovide focused phonics and blending practice for each phonics skill.These can be used as resources to provide fluency practice forstudents. Phonics skills - short and long vowels, digraphs, diphthongs(vowels blends) - and other phonics skills are used to help improvestudent's reading skills. All vocabulary and phonics skills areretaught in these readers, so students have a higher chance ofachieving one hundred percent accuracy.

    SCOTT FORESMAN Leveled Science Readers
    Publisher: Scott Foresman/Dorling Kindersley(DK)
    Contentleveled readers teach science concepts, vocabulary, and reading skills– at each student’s reading level – and allow students to read andexplore the wonders of nonfiction. Leveled science readersdeliver science content to help address the individual needs of allstudents. They reinforce reading skills and strategies while promotingscience understanding.

    SCOTT FORESMAN – Social Studies Leveled Readers
    Content leveled readers teach social studiesconcepts, vocabulary, and reading skills – at each student’s readinglevel – and allow students to read and explore the wonders ofnonfiction. Social Studies leveled readers deliver world and Americanhistory, geography, etc content to help address the individual needs ofall students. Below-level (green), On-level (yellow), and Advanced(blue) selections give all students additional reading experiences andteach social studies content at different levels to spark studentcuriosity and create eager learners.

    SCOTT FORESMAN 系列分级读物,从幼儿园开始,分阶段学习,学英文的同时也学习了阅读、科学、社科、文化等知识,是不可多得的好教材。每个pdf都内置语音(需要Adobe Reader),点PDF文件中的播放图标播放语音,纯电子档,非扫描文件,纯正美音。
    Reading Street 幼儿园系列教材包括了多样化的教学选择,像是理解力方面与丰富的创造性教学支持,针对音位辨识与自然发音、字汇、以及课程理解力等各方
  • 《SCOTT FORESMAN 系列分级读物(含音频)》(SCOTT FORESMAN  DK)[压缩包]_large