《ZoneAlarm 反病毒软件》(ZoneAlarm® Antivirus 2009)V9.0.011.000 EN[压缩包]

《ZoneAlarm 反病毒软件》(ZoneAlarm® Antivirus 2009)V9.0.011.000 EN[压缩包]
  • 片  名  《ZoneAlarm 反病毒软件》(ZoneAlarm® Antivirus 2009)V9.0.011.000 EN[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2009年制作发行: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.语言: 英文
  • 类  别  软件
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  • 详细介绍中文名: ZoneAlarm 反病毒软件英文名: ZoneAlarm® Antivirus 2009别名: ZA AV资源格式: 压缩包版本: V9.0.011.000 EN发行时间: 2009年制作发行: Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.地区: 美国,以色列语言: 英文简介:

    官方网站 http://www.zonealarm.com/security/en-us/zo...ware.htm
    ZoneAlarm (俗称 ZA)是由以色列 CheckPoint 公司下属的 Zone Labs 出品的一个世界级的计算机安全产品系列.其供家庭/个人用户使用.拥有ZoneAlarm的CheckPoint公司也是世界上开发企业级防火墙产品的领袖.
    ZoneAlarm Anti-Virus (简称:ZA AV) : ZoneAlarm系列中的反病毒产品. 使用卡巴斯基的AVP引擎.该版本带有防火墙, 相当于一个精简了的安全套装.ZoneAlarm® Antivirus 2009
    Award Winning Antivirus PLUS 1 Firewall. We prevent attacks before they start.
    Award-winning Antivirus
    We don't just scan and remove viruses, we prevent and disable even the most recent and sophisticated viruses and computer attacks that the others miss.
    Includes the World's #1 Firewall From the People Who Invented It.
    ZoneAlarm pioneered the personal computer firewall used by over 60 million people worldwide, and our parent company, Check Point Software, invented the enterprise firewall used by every member of the Fortune 100. We know how to keep the bad guys out.
    Keeps YOU in Control of Your Computer
    Rootkits and operating system attacks can by-pass other defenses and take control of your computer. Our leading Root Boot Protection shields you during startup and beyond to stop these attacks.
    Fast, Safe, and Easy to use for novices with our new One-Click Fix It interface, yet powerful and customizable for more advanced users.
    Fully compatible with Windows Vista and XP

    ZoneAlarm Software System Requirements
    Listed below are the complete system requirements, email protocols, and IM clients supported by ZoneAlarm software products.
    System Requirements for all ZoneAlarm Products*:
    Microsoft® Windows Vista SP1 (Business, Home Premium** and Ultimate editions):
    2 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit operating system
    Minimum system RAM: 2 GB (32-bit) and 4 GB (64-bit)
    250MB of available hard disk space. Internet access
    * See separate system requirements for ZoneAlarm ForceField. Free ZoneAlarm Firewall is not available for Vista 64-bit
    **Home Basic not supported
    Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2, SP3, Home or Professional Edition:
    1 GHz 32-bit operating system
    Recommended system RAM: 768 MB
    250MB of available hard disk space
    ZoneAlarm security software works with most types of TCP/IP connections including Ethernet LAN, wireless LAN, DSL, cable modem, and dial-up connections.
    Supported Protocols for Email Protection
    Support for Parental Controls
    Operating Systems Support
    FAQ for ZoneAlarm End-of-Life Policy
    Supported Protocols for Email Protection
    POP3 (Incoming only. Junk e-mail filtering not supported for YahooPops POP3 e-mail service) – available in all ZoneAlarm products
    SMTP (Outgoing only) — available in all ZoneAlarm products except free ZoneAlarm
    HTTP (Junk email filtering in conjunction with Outlook or Outlook Express) – available in ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite and ZoneAlarm Extreme Security only
    IMAP4 (Incoming only) - IMAP4 is not supported for virus scanning of email. — available only with ZoneAlarm Antivirus and ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite
    Support for Parental Controls
    Parental controls work for any Web browser, and for any program that can be used to surf the Web.
    System Requirements for ZoneAlarm ForceField:
    Supported Browsers:
    Microsoft Internet Explorer v
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ZA的杀毒软件? ZA的防火墙很出名,不知道杀毒是不是一样出名呢
试试~ 先谢了

ZoneAlarm系列中的反病毒产品. 使用卡巴斯基的AVP引擎.
非常感谢 新版...