《kkrieger_beta》 2004年10大硬件杀手游戏之冠军

《kkrieger_beta》 2004年10大硬件杀手游戏之冠军
  • 片  名  《kkrieger_beta》 2004年10大硬件杀手游戏之冠军
  • 简  介  无
  • 类  别  游戏
  • 小  类  游戏周边

  • 详细介绍中文名称: kkrieger_beta版本: 2004年10大硬件杀手游戏之冠军简介:
    96K微型FPS 让你的电脑绝对跑不动
    - 1.5GHz Pentium3/Athlon以上处理器
    - 512MB以上内存
    - Geforce4 Ti或ATI Radeon8500以上等级显卡
    - 支持pixel shaders 1.3、128MB以上显存
    - 普通声卡
    - DirectX 9.0b
    .kkrieger, chapter I - Beta Version
    .a game in 96k
    by .theprodukkt
    (released at breakpoint 2004)
    1. about .kkrieger
    The project was started two years ago and since then many, many hours of our spare time went
    into developing .kkrieger. Still, in the end we didn t have time for the most important thing:
    gameplay. So expect some major improvements in our next releases.
    However, we enjoyed making .kkrieger a lot and are quite satisfied with the end result and now we
    are eagerly awaiting your comments So if you have any feedback, may it be acclaim, critique or
    bug reports - please feel free to write us. Every email is highly appreciated
    (No, wait - don t end us bugs until the final version - we know enough already
    We will definitely release an uncut final version with some more kb, enhanced content and less
    bugs, soon. (The first thing we ll do after this release is relax for some time, though .
    .kkrieger is designed as a trilogy. At the moment we can not tell if and when we will find the
    time to develop the next chapters, though. We will keep you informed on our homepage...
    2. controls
    W - forward
    S - backward
    A - left
    D - right
    [Space] - Jump
    Left mouse - shoot
    1-5 - switch weapon
    Press M1 - M9 to respawn at the different respawn points (also helps when caught in collision
    3. system requirements
    .kkrieger requires a relatively high-end machine to run properly. To be
    - A 1.5GHz Pentium3/Athlon or faster.
    - 512MB of RAM (or more)
    - A Geforce4Ti (or higher) or ATI Radeon8500 (or higher) graphics card
    supporting pixel shaders 1.3, preferably with 128MB or more of VRAM.
    - Some kind of sound hardware
    - DirectX 9.0b
    We ve done some testing to ensure it runs on all hardware meeting those
    requirements we could get, and we checked it runs on all major supported
    configurations with current drivers, but with some graphics card/driver
    combinations it might screw up. In case you have problems, please try
    getting the most recent driver release from your vendor, and only if the
    problem persists contact us (refer to the contact section).
    4. detailed credits
    - Thomas fiver2 Mahlke: Concept, Direction, Textures, Level geometry and lighting.
    - Dierk Chaos Ohlerich: Editor, Texture generator, Game, Physics, Collision, lekktor .
    - Christoph giZMo Muetze: Character design, Anim
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