Black Oak Arkansas -《Street Party》[MP3!]

Black Oak Arkansas -《Street Party》[MP3!]
  • 片  名  Black Oak Arkansas -《Street Party》[MP3!]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 1974年地区: 美国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍专辑中文名: Street Party歌手: Black Oak Arkansas资源格式: MP3发行时间: 1974年地区: 美国语言: 英语简介:
    Black Oak Arkansas一支以自己家乡地名命名的南方摇滚乐队,乐队在70年代一共发行了10张专辑,乐队的典型的南方摇滚和多吉他solo可圈可点,主唱Jim Dandy Mangrum的粗糙嗓音也是风格显著,使他们在70年代南方摇滚盛行的年代与Allman Brothers Band和Lynyrd Skynyrd这样的大牌乐队站在一起
    * James L. Jim Dandy Mangrum - lead vocals, washboard (1965-present)
    * Rickie Lee Risky Ricochet Reynolds - twelve-string guitar, vocals (1965-1977, 1984-present)
    * Hal McCormack - lead guitar ( -present)
    * Johnnie Bolin - drums ( -present)
    * George Hughen - bass guitar ( -present)
    * Stanley Knight - lead guitar, steel guitar, organ, vocals (1965- )
    * Pat Daugherty - bass guitar, vocals (1965- )
    * Harvey Jett - lead guitar, banjo, piano, vocals (1965-1975)
    * Wayne Evans - drums (1965-1973)
    * Tommy Aldridge - drums (1973- )
    * James Henderson - guitar (1975- )
    * Jack Holder - guitar (1977-1979)
    * Greg Reding - guitar, keyboards (1977-1979)
    * Andy Tanas - bass (1977-1980)
    * Joel Williams - drums (1977-1978)
    * Marius Penczner - keyboards (1975-1977)
    * Kinley Wolfe - bass (1976-1982)
    * Chris Craig - drums (1978-1982)
    * Shawn Lane - guitar (1977-1981)
    * Jon Thunder Paws Wells - drums (Ready As Hell)
    * William Lemuel - bass guitar (Ready As Hell)
    * Steve The Axe Nuenmacher - lead guitar, rhythm guitar (Ready As Hell)
    * Billy Batte - keyboards, violin (Ready As Hell)
    * Michael Martin - lead guitar (The Black Attack Is Back)
    * Big Mike Fowler - bass guitar (The Black Attack Is Back)
    * Biff Bingham - 2nd lead guitarist (Ready as Hell, The Black Attack is Back)
    * Jerry A. Williams - drums (Ready as Hell, The Black Attack is Back) (1985-1986)
    * James Little Jim Mangrum Jr. - drum technician
    * Danny Leath - lead guitar
    The group, originally called The Knowbody Else , was formed in 1965 in Black Oak, Arkansas, by Jim Dandy Mangrum (vocals), Rickie Reynolds (guitar), Stanley Knight (guitar), Harvey Jett (guitar), Pat Daugherty (bass), and Wayne Evans (drums). Their first PA system was stolen from a local high school. Members of the group were subsequently charged in absentia with grand larceny and sentenced to 26 years at the Tucker Prison Farm (this sentence was later suspended.) This led to their retreat to the hills of rural northeast Arkansas where they lived off the land and refined their musical style. Some of their influences during this time were The Beatles and The Byrds.
    The Knowbody Else moved to Memphis, Tennessee in 1969 and signed a record deal with Stax Records. Their self-titled debut album, and their only album with Stax, was largely ignored by the populace. During this time the band became interested in psychedelia and Eastern spiritualism which, combined with their Southern Baptist upbringing, contributed to their sound.
    After several trips to Los Angeles, California in 1970, the band was signed by Atco Records and rechristened Black Oak Arkansas . Their self-titled debut album Black Oak Arkansas was released in 1971 while the band toured extensively, gaining a reputation as a live act. The twin album releases that followed in 1972, Keep The Faith and If An Angel Came To See You, Would You Make Her Feel At Home, expanded on the group’s eclectic musical style.
    In 1973, Black Oak Arkansas released their third album Raunch N Roll Live and introduced a new drummer, Tommy Aldridge. It was their fourth album High on the Hog, released later that year, that established solid commercial success by peaking at number 52 on the Billboard charts. Vocalist Ruby Starr also toured with the band during this period.
    The original lineup o
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