《TrackTeam Audio出品效果器套装》(TrackTeam Audio PACK LiVE)[压缩包]

《TrackTeam Audio出品效果器套装》(TrackTeam Audio PACK LiVE)[压缩包]
  • 片  名  《TrackTeam Audio出品效果器套装》(TrackTeam Audio PACK LiVE)[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2010年制作发行: TrackTeam Audio语言: 英文
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  • 详细介绍简介: 软件类型:软件 多媒体类
    问题反馈: http://www.trackteamaudio.com
    网站链接: http://www.trackteamaudio.com
    TrackTeam Audio出品效果器套装,包括Attack Mode, drum crate, drum droid, Modmachines, THUD。(文:life_is_good@YDY)
    This pack include: Attack Mode, drum crate, drum droid, Modmachines, THUD.
    Attack Mode An advanced and flexible collection of over 110 Drum and Transient effects processors for Ableton Live. Included with Attack Mode you'll find Tons of punchy signal processors, exotic channel strips, suped-up Compression chains, and Advanced Reverb and Modulation Algorithms. All effects have been designed with ease of use in mind and at the same time are intended to be powerful enough to give your drums the spice they need to cut through a mix- without overpowering the rest of your track.
    drum.crate kicks things off with a huge assortment of vinyl inspired drum kits for Ableton Live 7. From deep layered bass drums and dynamic snares to electronic claps, crunchy hi-hats, and zesty cymbals, drum.crate provides a far-reaching resource for who’s seeking to produce original and futuristic tracks. Included are over 200 MIDI Based Live Clips ( Ableton Live ) which serve as starting points and allow for the most flexible editing of sound material. Lots of the MIDI Grooves were recorded directly from a Roland V-Drum Kit ( without Quantization ). As always the grooves span many genres and can easily be molded and tweaked to suit your style of Music and Sound while retaining the swing and feel only given by a super talented drummer
    drum.droid is a powerful collection of 100% circuit based, synthesized drum and percussion style machines and sequences. drum.droids provide an outstanding and immediate selection of production-ready, cyborg-esque, drum sounds for all styles of leading-edge music. By now, you know that here at TrackTeam Audio, we thrive on doing things differently. So, things your not going to find in drum.droids are sounds synthesized from TR-808s, TR-909s, SDSx's, or any other drum machines that are considered classics , nor will you find any sounds sampled from physical drums or from anything traditionally used to produce drum or percussive type sounds. What you will find is something modern and unique, something crafted with the intention of redefining the classics. Drum.Droid provides a comprehensive resource for the producer and composer of any sort of contemporary electronic, breakbeat, or dub style music. Each One-Shot sound was impeccably designed using one or more classic and modern synthesis techniques. Most of the Sounds were only able to be realized by combining multiple synthesis techniques, then layering the results. These innovative techniques are one of the many reasons that drum.droids stand out as a unparalleled collection of multi-synthesized sounds. With all TrackTeam Releases we strive to present tools and sounds that will allow artists and producers to easily create music that attracts immediate attention. Drum.droids is no exception...
    Modmachines: 1. An intimate collection of tightly interwoven modules interfaced by Ableton Live
    2. Systems capable of extreme Modulation.
    3. Not Your Bread and Butter sounds for Live
    4. Your Sounds that will bring in the Bread
    Inspiration Information Motivation
    Once again our favorite sequencer has received an update which has given the Live user a wealth of new features including new organizational tools and resources. These new features allow the user to maximize the potential and sonic possiblilities of Lives devices and raw sound, while at the same time enriching the user's experience.
    It is in that precept, that of further fulfilling the users experience, that we have created this Modmachines Livepack. With this dynamic collection of sounds and pa
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