( White Chicks )[MPG]

( White Chicks )[MPG]
  • 片  名  ( White Chicks )[MPG]
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  • 类  别  电影
  • 小  类  喜剧

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    This is a perfect drive-in movie I saw it over the weekend, and it is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. I mean, laugh out loud humour. I ve always been a fan of the Wayan brothers, from Keenan in I m Gonna Git You Sucka , to Marlon Shawn s TV show titled the Wayan Brothers on WB in the 90s. This movie has a nice flow to it, and you can see some elements of other movies in it. The battle scene at the club between the rival Hampton girls was like what you would have seen in a movie like Breakin 2:Electric Boogaloo in the 80s. One actor who really shines in this movie is Terry Crews. He plays a football star who only has a taste for white women. He has some comedic skills that really make this movie come alive White Chicks is by no means a movie to be taken seriously. It s a funny movie that will make you forget your problems for an hour and a half.
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