They Might Be Giants -《The Else》[MP3!]

They Might Be Giants -《The Else》[MP3!]
  • 片  名  They Might Be Giants -《The Else》[MP3!]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2007年07月10日地区: 美国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍专辑中文名: The Else歌手: They Might Be Giants资源格式: MP3发行时间: 2007年07月10日地区: 美国语言: 英语简介:
    They Might Be Giants由2个大男孩组成,曲风有些实验的味道,怪诞,阳光,活泼,总是围绕着他们,曲风也是非常轻快,再加上怪怪的实验让歌显的十分有趣,听着就让人心情舒畅,再加上最近暴雨连连,今天好不容易放晴了,久违的阳光洒进卧室,趁着阳光,小睡一下,前几天的阴霾全部烟消云散。他们的歌也好象告诉你,生活是不容易的,但也要勇敢的冲出去。
    After several listens, the Dust Brothers production really jumps out. Many of the songs on repeated listens, just get better and better. I highly recommend this and if you wait, buy it directly from the Bands website, and you will receive an entire additional album of their music.
    They Might Be Giants new album The Else is currently only available via iTunes, and will not be available to purchase anywhere until July 10th, so you can grab it now, or wait...
    The album is quickly sinking into my brain, and I believe it is one of their best in a long time. There are several songs that will easily fit into their canon. The Mesopotamians is in the first tier of wonderful licks, sounds like it could have been off of John Henry , as does much of this album. The Cap m is another instant classic, many of these songs remind me of both Lincoln , and TMBG , they are silly, fun songs that just put you in a good mood.
    This is a quick glance and first impression of The Else , and as with most good records, they will grow on you over time. If you are a fan of TMBG, then you will love it, and if not... then get with the plan...
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