• 片  名  《PDF转换工具》(Iceni.Technology.Argus)v6.0[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2009年制作发行: Iceni.Technology语言: 英文
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  • 详细介绍中文名: PDF转换工具英文名: Iceni.Technology.Argus资源格式: 压缩包版本: v6.0发行时间: 2009年制作发行: Iceni.Technology地区: 美国语言: 英文简介: 如果你需要将PDF文件批量转换为任意文档(HTML/WORD/XML/RTF)或图像(JPEG/TIFF)格式,Argus就是完美和具有工业实力的解决方案,它能精确处理各种文档类型,包括商业报告、报刊杂志、书籍甚至结构化PDF文档。
    Argus包含一个用于支持Visual Basic的 C/C++ 语言软件开发工具包,使Argus的全部功能都可与你自己的Visual Basic应用程序及 C/C++ 程序无缝整合。
    Argus accurately converts the majority of PDF document types including financial/report based, newspaper/magazines, books and even structured PDF.
    It comes with a selection of pre-configured output schemes including HTML and RTF which may be extended, modified or completely re-written to produce any text-based output format required.
    With its built-in rendering engine, image export and scaling facilities, the software can also handle any aspect of image generation or conversion you need.
    Argus is packaged as a command-line driven Solaris (Sparc), Linux (x86), or Windows application. The stand-alone application does not require any Adobe software and can operate comfortably on a headless server machine using on-demand script calls or via its built-in spooler.
    Export reflow text in any format
    Export tabular data retaining layout
    Export PDF Forms data - the fields and their contents
    Export text via article thread
    Export embedded photos as EPS, Tiff, JPEG, PNG or BMP
    Export photos as Photoshop EPS with clip paths
    Export images with original OPI data (if available)
    Export structured/tagged PDF to XML
    Superb page layout retention in HTML and RTF
    Render at any resolution colour depth to any of the above formats
    Render documents as multi-page Tiff
    Built-in spooler for totally automated operation
    Includes C/C++/Visual Basic software development kit (SDK)
    Compatible with all versions of PDF
    Supports 40-bit and 128-bit encrypted documents
    Supports all standard text encodings e.g. UTF-8, BIG-5, Shift-JIS
    Argus allows you to re-configure every aspect of the PDF conversion down to the level of individual tags, line-breaks and analysis behaviour. This means that it is possible to generate text output in almost any format you require whether it be a proprietary tagging scheme of your own or a standard markup language.
    The package includes an extensive set of pre-configured schemes including:
    configurations for text, HTML and RTF that re-flow the output
    HTML and RTF configurations for preserving layout
    tabtext configuration designed for accurate export of tabular data such as stock market reports, inventories and invoices
    gridText configuration for retaining layout in plain text output
    article thread export configurations
    image export and page rendering configurations
    Software Development Kit - SDK
    Argus includes a SDK with support for C, C++ and Visual Basic. Using the SDK, the full power of Argus can be seamlessly incorporated into your own Visual Basic applications and C/C++ programs.
    In fact, any application requiring the ability to convert or render PDF documents can be rapidly developed using the simple API provided by the SDK.
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