《GIS可视化应用程序》(Geoweb 3D)v2.04[压缩包]

《GIS可视化应用程序》(Geoweb 3D)v2.04[压缩包]
  • 片  名  《GIS可视化应用程序》(Geoweb 3D)v2.04[压缩包]
  • 简  介  发行时间: 2011年制作发行: Geoweb3d Inc.语言: 英文
  • 类  别  软件
  • 小  类  行业软件

  • 详细介绍简介: Geoweb 3D 是一个独立的GIS可视化应用程序,可以创建先进的三维地理信息系统数据图形 它是专为不具备软件开发经验或三维图形知识用户,而提供的全面和精干的地理可视化产品。
    该产品集成了3D可视化引擎,Web浏览器引擎,和ArcGIS Engine在一个轻松的学习,创新的用户界面,直观和有趣的使用软件包内。Due to the economy of scale of the gaming industry, commodity hardware now has the capability to produce high-fidelity geospatial visualization and analysis directly from native GIS data. The 3D engine maximizes use of the GPU to remove conventional barriers with respect to size, resolution, and complexity.
    Geoweb3d entered the GIS market because, for the first time, it could offer this military-grade visualization to the commercial geospatial community at a reasonable cost.
    Using your GIS data
    Geoweb3d has direct, native support for most commonly-used raster and vector GIS formats, and on the fly reprojection means no preprocessing of data. Users add their own GIS data to Geoweb3d to generate rich 3D scenery for viewing and analysis. Drag in unaltered data and immersive, detailed 3D scenes are just a few clicks away.
    Embedded Browser and ArcGIS
    Geoweb3d Desktop embeds a full web browser and ArcGIS Engine to provide the most comprehensive GIS visualization solution for today’s GIS users. Integrating the web brings effortless interoperability with the growing volume of online geospatial content.
    Using a tabbed approach similar to a web browser, any number of 3D, web, and ArcGIS views can be opened for a seamless GIS workflow.
    Easy to use
    Geoweb3d Desktop was designed for those users who desire more capable geospatial visualization – not 3D experts. The user interface represents a new concept of modern contextual design that makes 3D simple and intuitive.
    Thematic rendering
    3D visualization is all about effectively communicating information to others. Often, this requires that realistic content be supplemented with thematic representations of data. A hybrid of realistic and thematic visualization is good for emphasizing areas and layers of interest. A user may also create alternative presentations of the same location and switch between them simply by clicking a checkbox.
    CAD / BIM 3D model support
    Users with high-fidelity 3D models from CAD resources may place them in their proper geographic location and fuse them with GIS data, feeds, web services, and more.
    3D buildings do not need to be simple textured boxes as much as trees don’t need to be simple polygon models. You have the hardware already, let Geoweb3d provide the software that puts it to work.
    代码 
      LineZer0! ²   ² ² 
    ²²² ²     ² ²²  ² ²±
    ±²²   ²   ²²²² ²²²
    ² ² ²  ² ² ²²
    ² ²² ² ²  ²²² ² ²
    ²² ²² ²  ²²² ²² ² ²
    ²  ²²² ² ²²²  ²² ±² ²²±
    ² ²  ²²² ²²² ²²±
    ² ±² ² ²² ²²²²± ± ²
      ²
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