Centipede -《Septober Energy》[2CDs][FLAC]

Centipede -《Septober Energy》[2CDs][FLAC]
  • 片  名  Centipede -《Septober Energy》[2CDs][FLAC]
  • 简  介  音乐风格: 前卫发行时间: 1971年地区: 英国语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍简介: 出品厂牌:Nasty Productions / What Disc
    音乐风格:Jazz, Modern Jazz, prog. Rock
    Keith Tippett是英国最好的爵士乐手之一,Tippett在King Crimson所扮演的角色在「In the Wake of Poseidon」(1970)、「Lizard」(1970)及「Islands」(1971)这三张专辑中可略知一二,虽然他只是掛名guest乐手,但几乎可主导整张专辑风格,表现十分抢眼。Tippett除了Vertigo时期的个人专辑与后来FMP目录里的Mujician系列以外,也於七十年代初期离开King Crimson后短暂组过爵士+摇滚的梦幻组合Centipede Orchestra。
    Centipede是一个超过五十名团员编制超大的乐团。主要团员有Ian MacDonald、Alan Skidmore、Elton Dean、Julie Tippett、Robert Wyatt等,并请到Robert Fripp制作,目标是完全贯彻Tippett的创作意志,曾发行一张双CD专辑「Septober Energy」,以 Progressive Big Band 的形式来演奏前卫摇滚乐。想像一下Stan Kenton领导大乐团来表演Soft Machine、Gong、King Crimson的音乐,「Septober Energy」由於野心过大让整张专辑风格繁杂,艰涩难懂,初听可能让人不耐,但是这种史前恐龙级的概念专辑也是眾多前卫摇滚迷/前卫爵士迷心目中的珍宝啊。这里有一篇来自All about jazz的review颇值得参考。Keith Tippett
    引用One look at the fifty-piece Centipede orchestra, organized and led by British free jazz pianist Keith Tippett over thirty years ago, and the mind boggles that such an unwieldy collection of musicians, from such a multitude of musical camps, could ever be brought together to create a remotely coherent musical statement. And, truth be told, when Septober Energy was released in '71, it was met with almost universal critical derision.
    Maybe it's because Tippett, who had already burst onto the scene with a refreshing ability to meld free improvisation with heady arrangements on his first two records— You Are Here' I Am There ('69) and Dedicated to You But You Weren't Listening ('71)—had bitten off more than he could chew with an ambitious 85-minute, four movement suite. Maybe it was that this stylistic melange tried to buck the old adage you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time. Or maybe it was just plain critical cantankerousness. Irrespective, looking back at Septober Energy , remastered and reissued by BGO Records in '00, reveals a piece of work that may be flawed, but still has much to recommend.
    Bombastic? Sometimes. Over-reaching? Possibly. But reassessing Septober Energy has value, if for no other reason than it harkens back to a time where an album of this kind was even possible , and on a major label to boot. Flawed gems are still gems and Septober Energy is one with its own peculiar beauty. ~John Kelman, allmusic.com The Players:
    * Wendy Treacher, John Trussler, Roddy Skeping, Wilf Gibson (lead), Carol Slater, Louise Jopling, Garth Morton, Channa Salononson, Steve Rowlandson, Mica Gomberti, Colin Kitching, Philip Saudek, Esther Burgi
    * Michael Hurwitz, Timothy Kramer, Suki Towb, John Rees-Jones, Katherine Thulborn, Catherine Finnis
    * Peter Parkes, Mick Collins, Ian Carr (doubling flugelhorn), Mongezi Feza (pocket cornet), Mark Charig (cornet)
    * Elton Dean (doubling saxello), Jan Steel (doubling flute), Ian McDonald, Dudu Pukwana
    * Larry Stabbins, Gary Windo, Brian Smith, Alan Skidmore
    * Dave White (doubling clarinet), Karl Jenkins (doubling oboe), John Williams (bass saxophone, doubling soprano)
    * Nick Evans, Dave Amis, Dave Perrottet, Paul Rutherford
    * John Marshall (and all percussion), Tony Fennell, Robert Wyatt
    * Maggie Nicols, Julie Tippetts, Mike Patto, Zoot Money, Boz Burrell
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