No Spiritual Surrender -《 the Land Where Eternal Autumn Rules》[MP3]

No Spiritual Surrender -《 the Land Where Eternal Autumn Rules》[MP3]
  • 片  名  No Spiritual Surrender -《 the Land Where Eternal Autumn Rules》[MP3]
  • 简  介  音乐风格: 摇滚发行时间: 2005年12月30日语言: 英语
  • 类  别  音乐
  • 小  类  欧美音乐

  • 详细介绍简介: 专辑类型:Black/Doom Metal
    发行公司:Self Released
    专辑比率:320 kbps
    No Spiritual Surrender是一只来自乌克兰Black/Doom Metal单人乐团,乐团虽说风格为Black/Doom Metal,但歌曲中的流露的哥特感还是十分的强烈。乐团唯一的成员Ixnay (Alexandr Malinovskiy) 负责乐团的所有事务。2005年全长专辑《To the Land Where Eternal Autumn Rules》是乐团唯一一张正式专辑。专辑中斯拉夫民谣式的优美与忧伤以及粘稠的音色与迸发式节奏带给人深秋的怅惘。乐队成员Ixnay (Alexandr Malinovskiy) 出生于1982年,除却音乐,Ixnay (Alexandr Malinovskiy) 在雕塑,宗教以及建筑方面也有一定的研究。No Spiritual Surrender在2006年发行了一张单曲EP后便再也没有了动静,就连官网的一切信息也都静止在2006年。其中到底发生了什么谁也无法知道。
    引用The History of this project begins from the Autumn-2002... Namely from the September, from gently yellowed forest and the first autumn rain... And just then, in that euphoria, Ixnay had found a simple tune in his head... a melody of rain and forest, which he just couldn't don't splash it out using guitar on arrival at the home. At that time it sounded in acoustic version and without any effects at all, but in rain it called forth sizable sleepy approval of listeners in future... On the same day, in parallel with melody, there were written a words to future composition, but they was left by theyself because they aren't gone amiss with a music, and in its finally meaning they very deviated from the subject. So the first, new composition, called later ...So Fell Autumn Rain , was left such as instrumental, and text - was left such as single text. (This composition have nothing in common with the same named song of Lake of Tears )...
    In November-2002 Ixnay had bought the first in his hopeless life electroguitar, and using computer he started to assimilate a different effects. Soon ...So Fell Autumn Rain was record and press in mp3 . So the first composition of the future project was born...
    That all might be the end, but December-2002 had come... with his pale winter sunset, midwinter frost, slow winter snowfal... So, lying in lonely room at evening, and watching in winter window Decembers' death with going for a night powerless Sun, Ixnay wrote brokenly the verse on the scrap of paper... the verse about past might-have-been love. Then he took in his hands guitar and... So the next composition Ding He Called Her Name was thought out, and now she has a right be named the first, but this is the first full-fledget song ( text/music classifier). Then after the expiry some cold days it was start to record a newly-made composition with help of disposed instruments such as electroguitar, microphone and computer. There were some attempts, and song lived already from those times in mp3 , but all finished by version from 24.06.03, which is imperfective too in its sound and quality, therefore in the near future it's planing to refresh this one...
    But lets turn back to History. The next, so to say, final stage was a Sea... and Wind... The point is that in begining of 2003 Ixnay could to escape to the home... to the Homeland... in Crimea... There were planning to rest from Kharkov chaos. But he fell ill there, and the rest was failed, and only in the last evening before the return he could to go for a 10 minutes to the sea... to the Sea... to the Seawind... and enjoy this evening, irreplaceabled by anything idill again. On arrival at Kharkov there was recorded a next instrumental composition Seawind duration one minute and a half, with an attempt to reproduce that brief but unforgettable feeling of greatness and freedom...
    And so, looking back, he could see the started and a great wish to continue it. And Ixnay 09.02.2003 had make a decision to create his own project
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