《BluePrint-PCB 1.1.1 自动化PCB文档制作》(BluePrint-PCB 1.1.1 )英文[ISO]

《BluePrint-PCB 1.1.1 自动化PCB文档制作》(BluePrint-PCB 1.1.1 )英文[ISO]
  • 片  名  《BluePrint-PCB 1.1.1 自动化PCB文档制作》(BluePrint-PCB 1.1.1 )英文[ISO]
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  • 详细介绍中文名: BluePrint-PCB 1.1.1 自动化PCB文档制作英文名: BluePrint-PCB 1.1.1别名: BluePrint-PCB 1.1.1 自动化PCB文档制作资源格式: 光盘镜像版本: 英文简介:
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    自动化PCB文档过程的一款革命性的新的制作工具。以Microsoft Office风格开发,快速创建电子制图到PCB光绘和装配可以创建PCB文档并倒入PCB CAD数据,自动制作和智能链接PCB视图、细节和文档注释,外部文档,URL和多媒体内容。
    The Challenge
    PCB documentation is a critical part of the design chain as it defines the specifications on how an electronic product is to be built. The more detailed the documentation the less likely manufacturing mistakes will occur. It also ensures that repeat builds of the same product are consistent and makes final inspection easier with less chance of unit rejection or shipment delay while waiting for assembly deviations to be approved.
    The Solutions
    BluePrint is a dynamic new solution, developed in the style of Microsoft Office that quickly creates electronic drawings to drive PCB fabrication and assembly. BluePrint “knows” it is creating a PCB document and imports PCB CAD data to automatically create and intelligently link PCB Views, details, document notes, external documents, URLs and multi-media content. The result is an electronic document which better articulates the instructions for successful fabrication, assembly and inspection of printed circuit boards and which contains all the data necessary to build, view and archive the final product.
    BluePrint-PCB creates PCB drawings for fabrication, assembly, and inspection
    BluePrint-PCB uses MS Office methods to increase productivity and ease-of-use
    BluePrint-PCB creates and displays documents as they would appear to document control and manufacturing
    BluePrint-PCB is the most revolutionary breakthrough in the PCB market since the inception of PCB CAD
    This new, state-of-the-art solution creates PCB documentation quickly and easily and replaces the more error-prone, manual approach currently employed. Documentation created with BluePrint is more detailed, can be changed instantly and will lead to faster and more accurate new product introduction.
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